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Publication grants

We offer a number of grants and funding opportunities to help you complete your postgraduate studies. 

  1. Research funding
  2. Conference grant
  3. Publications grants

Research funding

Funding amount

The School can provide up to $4000 towards research costs for a PhD and $2000 for a Master's.

Eligibility and application guidelines

This is not an automatic entitlement and applications must demonstrate a clear research benefit.

  • All applications must be on the current application form (below) and have written support from the supervisor and discipline chair.
  • All applications must have a copy of the applicant’s original research proposal, and must clearly demonstrate how the funding is essential to the research. Supervisors must confirm the essential nature of the research.
  • Research proposals for higher degree ask for an estimation of costs: it is expected that requests for funds under the School scheme will have been anticipated and approved at the research proposal stage.
  • Funds will only be provided after a student has used all other University funds (such as the University Graduate Research Candidate Travel Award) for which he or she is eligible.
  • Funds will be available for, but not limited to, archival research, field research and other research activities.  Types of funding likely to be supported:
    • specific research task software
    • specific skill training
    • conference registration.
  • Types of requests unlikely to be supported:
    • purchase of personal computers
    • clerical and editing services.
  • Retrospective requests will not be supported.
  • Part-time postgraduate students may apply.
  • Funding for jointly enrolled candidates will be pro-rata based on the percentage supervised in the School.

Guidelines for postgraduate research travel funding

Application form

Conference grant

A conference grant of $740 can be provided to PhD and Master's research students. Master's students who upgrade to a PhD will not be eligible for a second grant.

Publications grant

Postgraduates may also be eligible for a publications grant.

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