School of Social Sciences

Travel policy and grants



  • Grants are available upon application to the School for:
  • conference participation

  • professional development

  • research.
  • Academic Staff Level A - C and Professional Staff on contracts longer than 12 months and 0.5 FTE or more are eligible to apply.


  • Academic Staff can apply for a travel grant at any time as long as travel does not occur within one year of returning from sabbatical, or in the year preceding retirement.

  • Professional staff must apply for a UWA Staff Development Grant before the School will consider awarding this grant.

  • A conference grant will only be approved if the staff member is presenting a paper, organising a session, or participating as a discussant. Supporting documentation is required.

  • Only one successful grant application per staff member per calendar year will be allowed. If a staff member wishes to forgo a grant in one calendar year and apply for a double grant in the following year, this will be considered. The Manager must be notified of any intent to do so.


    Applications must be submitted to the Manager and will be reviewed by the Head of School.
    • Relevant supporting documentation must be attached to the application including:
    • a quote from one of the University's preferred travel providers
    • conference abstract and record of acceptance of paper
    • outline of research project and details of how the proposed travel fits into the project.
    • details of outside funds which have been applied for and / or granted for research.
      Applicants will be informed of the result within 4 weeks of application

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